Made in Blu

For over twenty years, the Italian brand Made in Blu has been the hallmark of premium quality fruit. Our products bring to the table a burst of color and freshness, because from the orchard to the table we follow strict regulations to preserve their full flavor and health benefits, so essential for our well-being. Inside every Made in Blu labeled fruit, you will find the true colors of life and nature, to be enjoyed by the handful.

Top Quality Fruit

Only selected fruit

Only fruit that reaches the highest quality standards is awarded with the prestigious Made in Blu label so that it can bring its newly picked freshness to the counters of specialized shops and supermarkets all over the world.

The brand guarantees:
  • the certified origin from the best Italian, European and Chilean production areas, thanks to the excellent climate and soil conditions – fertile, well-drained and excellent sun exposure

  • the careful farming process that respects natural resources and the environment

  • harvesting at the best ripening stage, thanks to the constant monitoring of quality indicators

  • selection based on strict quality regulations.

From field to fork

production process

We produce according to a quality system that starts from the field and ends at the table. All steps of the production chain are carefully controlled to ensure the premium quality that is synonymous with the Made in Blu brand.

Farming methods
We cultivate with environment-friendly techniques according to the principles of integrated production management and organic farming.

We pick our fruit only when it reaches the ripening stage that guarantees the Made in Blu standard of flavor, texture and appearance.

We monitor all steps of the production chain: farming, harvesting, warehouse delivery, sorting and packing.

We store in a controlled and modified atmosphere, to ensure the best product life.

We employ the most advanced technologies and utmost attention when sorting the fruit.

We check our products one last time during packing, before applying the Made in Blu sticker.

Our products undergo cold temperature treatment as a phytosanitary measure, during both storage and transport.

Our supply chain is certified: Integrated Production, GlobalGAP, GRASP, BRC, IFS, Organic.